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Are you an ambitious world-changer who would be interested in being part of internationally operating and continuous development-focused domestic family-owned company?

Paree Group is a Finnish family-owned group of companies including Serres Oy, Innokas Medical Oy, Vieser Oy, and Cubist IT AB with a global focus and life-centric approach to building thriving businesses. The Group revenue for 2022 is ~ 75M€ and we have over 450 employees. We’re in it for the long run, we believe in continuous learning and development and crafting value-adding solutions for our customers. Paree Group is committed to making an impact today for a healthier and more sustainable tomorrow through its operations in MedTech and the built environment. For us, people are full of untapped potential and we’re here to help you turn your talent into brilliance as a member of our international family.

We have ~30 professionals working for Paree Group in the areas of finance, ICT and HR. In addition, Paree Group subsidiaries have even more versatile range of opportunities for instance in innovation and product development, project managing, quality and regulation, sustainability, sales, marketing, software, and operations.

Contact details: hr@paree.com