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Whistleblowing Channel

To establish trust and ensure the success of Paree Group and its subsidiary companies, Cubist IT AB, Innokas Medical Oy, Serres Oy, and Vieser Oy (collectively referred to as "Paree Group"), it is imperative that we operate with responsibility and integrity. We expect our business partners to hold the same high standards. Compliance with laws, regulations, and robust corporate governance practices represents the bare minimum of our expectations.

Misconduct and non-compliant behaviour can manifest in any organization and workplace. It is of paramount importance to promptly report any unwarranted conduct and non-compliance. Early reporting enables the organization to address the situation effectively. We encourage all employees and external parties to report such concerns in good faith, anonymously if desired, without any fear of reprisal. Instances that warrant reporting may include bribery, harassment, and breaches of both legal requirements and Paree Group's Code of Conduct.

By utilizing this reporting channel, you can express your concerns and report non-compliance within Paree Group and its subsidiaries with confidence. Your personal information, such as your name, email address, or IP address, will not be stored unless you voluntarily choose to provide this information.

Please remember to keep your personal code handy for future updates, should you wish to add information to the report at later stage.

We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct within our organization. Thank you for your support in upholding our values.

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